Serita Fontanesi, MSW,
supports Black women and femmes by disrupting the
systems that oppress them. She is known as a
changemaker because of her ability to advocate for
marginalized communities, build coalitions, and lead
organizations. To read more, click here.

There are multiple ways to work with me. Please reach out with any questions or sliding scale/scholarship opportunities.

Akashic Reading- $222, 1hr

The Akashic Records are a way to access your soul’s history, which means each reading is unique to every person. Questions like, “Am I on the right path,” “Is this relationship long term,” or “How can I heal from this event,” can receive powerful answers allowing you to feel seen, heard, and supported. To Learn more, click here.

Consulting- $222, 1hr

I work with community members and organizations as they advocate for meaningful change. Whether you are at the beginning of your project, or you’ve been at it for awhile, I can help you elevate it and create something that is inclusive, powerful, and authentic. To learn more, click here.

Tarot Reading- $222, 1hr

Tarot readings answer the questions of what and how. These readings are incredibly useful for when you find yourself not knowing what to do next or how to shift in the right direction. The tarot can be incredibly insightful, allowing you to pinpoint the specifics of a situation, while also bringing forward a deeply
personal course of action. To learn more, click here.

“Serita actively listened to my story and experiences and empathized.