Contactability & Coordination Amidst COVID

2020 Election Tech Debrief, January 11, 2021

The pandemic forced 2020 candidates to try new methods of voter outreach. What techniques and tools worked best, and what unmet needs are still out there?

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I’m Speaking: Why We Need to Listen to Black Organizers

RootsCamp, December 11, 2020

Black voters, particularly Black women, delivered key victories at the national, state, and local levels. Community-centered organizing requires financial investment, buy-in, and trust. Moving forward, how can future campaigns continue to build on recent success beyond the election cycle?

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Kelly Rowland Discusses the Importance of the 2020 Election, Texas-Style

TX Democratic Party, November 2, 2020

Kelly Rowland on growing up in Houston, voting in 2020, music, and motherhood.

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Engage Series – Election 2020: Civic Engagement During A Pandemic

Austin PBS, October 14, 2020

The rapidly-approaching election on November 3rd, will be unlike any other this country has witnessed. Some say we are in the middle of three pandemics – COVID-19, social justice and political polarization. Join our pre-election conversation as we explore the civic engagement landscape and how organizations are working to increase participation in traditionally underrepresented communities.

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Texas Democrat Tasked With Mobilizing Black Voters Amid Protests

Spectrum 1 News, June 17, 2020

Thousands of Texans have turned out to protest against police brutality following George Floyd’s death. Prior to this, Texas Democratic Party hired their first-ever African American Constituency Organizer, Serita Fontanesi. She is motivated by rallies around George Floyd’s death, and encourages voters to make sure their voice is heard

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Sustainability in Activism

TX Democratic Party State Convention, June 4, 2020

Join the Texas Democratic Party’s Black Community Organizer Serita Fontanesi for Sustainability in Activism. Serita will be joined by special guests, and will discuss being a Community Captain, the Texas Democratic Party’s organizing strategies, and how to develop programs that are effective and holistic.

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